Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freezing Green Beans the Best Way Ever

Last year was our first real garden. It actually was just an experiment to see if the land owned by dad in law would produce anything. We couldn't believe the amount of stuff we got from a 20' by 30' area. The green beans were prolific and produced until the first frost. I wanted to preserve them but had no pressure canner at that time and hated the taste of frozen green beans.

After many days and hours of research online I hit on this idea on a chat forum and it is the best of the best way to freeze green beans and retain that fresh from the garden taste:

Wash stem and pop. Blanch 3 minutes (start timer as soon as they are placed in the boiling water), remove and put in ice water for 3 minutes. I put a pint in small freezer bags then here is the secret, cover with water. Get out all the air and freeze flat to save space.

The texture is a little different from fresh but the taste is not. Try it, I guarantee you will like it.